The Wrong Missy

Sorry for not posting in a while but I have quiet a few reviews coming up. The first one to start with is the film ” The Wrong Missy” starring David Spade (Tommy Boy, Joe Dirt), Lauren Lapkus (Big Bang Theory and OITNB), and Nick Swardson (Grown Ups and Grandma’s Boy). Directed by another comedic actor Tyler Spindle (Father of the year) this film surpasses expectations. The guys in this film have been on a steady decline since their more famous roles but, much like the Happy Gilmore production company that creates this hilarious comedy, they have put out a great performance. The real star though is the standout laugh out loud performance by Lauren Lapkus. The story plays out as a guy going on blind dates when he meets one women he can’t get away from and one he can’t get off his mind. He mixes up there names and accidently invites the crazy one to his companies couple vacation. All hell breaks loose as her interactions with his co-workers threatens his job. This quick comedy sits at 90 minutes but delivers nonstop laughs from start to finish and I would say it’s one of the best comedies of the year. I give it a 9/10.

Amazon Prime Additions

I’ve recently obtained Amazon Prime and so I will be incorporating a few of those onto this review page. If you have any suggests feel free to send me a message. Here’s what to expect so far:

Pet Cemetery (remake)

Honey Boy

Night Hunter


Logan Lucky

Hotel Artemis

The Hunt

Knives Out

Drive Hard

Come To Daddy

American Ultra

The Lighthouse

I Lost My Body

Sorry for the break between posts but, back with something new. This is my first foreign and first animated film I’m reviewing. This film is a movie that will keeps you distracted from the world. Directed by Jeremy Claplin and starring Hakim Faris and Victoire Du Bois it leaves you captivated from the first seconds to the closing moments. This film is one of those metaphorical, kinda trippy films you kind of just have to ride along with to enjoy. The story follows naoufel who just can’t seem to catch a break until he falls in love with a woman he meets at work. He decides to pursue her and quits his job to work for her uncle to swoon her but things don’t play out as planned and also there is a severed hand that escapes from a lab to find it’s body and the adventures it goes through. Dripping in symbology for many different topics like how sometimes the things we do to survive hurt other people, sometimes when you think you are doing something good for you it’s harming someone else, and how every small choice and step we make a lasting impact on our world even in the smallest ways. It’s beautifully animated and tells a enthralling story that leaves you engulfed every pixel. With a quick runtime of 81 minutes it’s a breeze to complete and leaves a lasting impression on you after. It is a very deep and sometimes sad movie so trigger warning there. But overall it tells a well executed story, with great animation, excellent voice acting, and a moving and memorable story. I give this one a 9/10. Would rewatch this many times over.

Coffee & Kareem

As this break continues to stretch on, I think it’s important to try to stay in a good mood so, here goes comedy number 2. Coffee & Kareem is the one of the newest comedies recently released by Netflix and it stars a all around great cast in veteran comedic actor Ed Helms( The Hangover, cedar rapids), stand out star in any movie she stars in, Tareji P. Henson (Empire, Hidden Figures, and new comer to film Terrance Little Gardenhigh (Disney channel). Directed by acclaimed comedic director Michael Dowse ( Stuber, Goon). This film quickly stands out with a hilarious performance by all involved but, the real star of the movie is Terrance Little Gardenhigh’s character Kareem. A smartass, tough as nails kid who finds out his mom’s secret boyfriend is a cop. After he decides this could ruin his future rap career, he decides to have him set up by a local gangster. The plan goes awry when Kareem witnesses something he shouldn’t and it’s up to them to team up to save his mom. This movie is nonstop action and laughs from beginning to end. It gives you the adrenaline rush of a great action movie but with hilarious obstacles and situations along the way. With great dialogue, quick paced camera work, editing, perfect comedic chemistry between all it’s stars, and a quick 1 and 28 minute runtime. I would have to suggest this one to anyone who enjoys any kind of comedy or action. It’s a great pick me up kind of movie too that can help you forget about the worries and world around you. I give this one a 9 out of 10. In my opinion this movie makes the hangover look amateur. Check it out if you have the time or just want to have a quick laugh.

Murder Mystery

First off let me start by saying I’m generally not a fan of comedies too much, most come off corny or predictable much like this movies lead star Adam Sandler used to make. In the 90’s he created comedy gold with his SNL career, Happy Gilmore, billy Madison etc. Lately he has been known for creating terrible movies through his production company but neverless, I tried to give this move a fair shot and to be honest.. it was hilarious. Held up by his costars in excellent supporting performances from Luke Evans( Hobbit series, fast series,) and the always wonderful Jennifer Aniston. This modern comedy classic was also directed by Kyle Newachek(workaholics) and usually when you have such a great cast in a comedy it’s going to tank but this one really stands out. Following a couple who go on a vacation to Spain, who meet a rich Lord who invites them to join them on his yacht for a party. They accept and during the time on the ship, the head of the family is murdered. They quickly become suspects and most prove their innocence to find the real killer. Filled with beautiful scenery, the old hit comedic writing we miss out of Adam Sandler, and a fresh take on murder mysteries. This movie does not disappoint and is a must see for fans of comedy or any of these stars. With a 1 hour and 30 minute runtime, I could rewatch this movie over and over again. I’m happy to see the return of a comedy icon and give this film a 9/10. Up next we continue with the comedic relief with Coffee & Kareem.

The Witch

I’ve had this one recommended a few times and have some of Robert Eggers other works on my list so, I decided to go back to the beginning with watching the first film that made him A director to watch for. This film set in 1630’s in the New England area follows a family of 6 struggling to survive on the land. When the youngest disappears the other siblings start to blame the oldest sister and claim she is a witch. As the story continues they are tested and sent into chaos as they are picked off one by one. This is a film that’s kind of slow in parts but you can never take your eyes off it. The cinematography look and feel set the stage for a dark, unknown, and sometimes violent story that doesn’t ease up on the tension from start to finish. It leaves you gripped in suspense as this intense but disturbing plot plays out. If your squeamish I would not recommend this movie but if you can handle things like that it’s a excellently shot, written, acted, and edited film that if your a horror fan, is a must see. Yes it has the quintessential elements in every horror film like blood, Gore, even satanic goats but it’s more like if Scorsese directed a horror film. With lots of soundtrack and film tricks similar to classic films in the genre like Suspiria and others. It’s sure to be a new classic for horror fans in the way Dracula or Frankenstein is and With a runtime of a hour and half it’s a quick, impactful, and dark film you will be sure not to forget anytime soon. After watching this I can’t help but to be excited for his other works. I’m giving this film a 10/10. Would watch again and that’s not something I almost ever say. Up next taking it down a notch and cleaning the pallet with some comedies. First Murder Mystery and then Coffee & Kareem.

The Siege of Jadotville

Back again with another film review. This time we are talking about The Siege of Jadotville. Directed by Richie Smyth(all of U2’s documentaries) and starring Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey series) this film follows the story of the first and only battle experience the Irish army had through the eyes of the small underprepared platoon that tried their hardest to repel enemy forces. This war film takes place in the congo in the 1960’s during an attempt to take over by a warlord and features lots of explosions, shootouts, and all those regular things you would expect from the genre. I do think it has an interesting story and great acting but at times was a bit slow. I would recommend it if your looking to fill a day or just a fan of the genre but other than that it was nothing special or new. I still found it interesting from a historical sense so I’ll give this one a 6/10. Up next is Robert Egger’s The Witch.

Walking Out

As we continue our lockdowns, I decided to go with a survival film for the next pick. Walking Out stars Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins, and Bill Pullman in one of his last roles. Directed by Alex and Andrew Smith (best known for The Slaughter Rule). This film follows a estranged father and son pair who plan a moose hunting trip in the mountains of Alaska to bond. As he tries to teach his son the things his father taught him about surviving and hunting, the father is injured in A hunting accident, and it’s up to the son to use all of his knowledge and skills he has learned to save him and his father. This film starts off a bit slow but when it kicks off it’s filled with suspense and tension until the end. Any fans of the genre should check out this strong film with beautiful backdrop and tension filled story it makes a fun 1 hour and 35 minute watch. With strong performances it makes it a must see for anyone craving some tension or suspense. I give this one a 8 out of 10, only because of the slow beginnings.

New additions to review list.

I’m going to be adding to my list of movies to review with some newer additions. If you haven’t seen some of the other films up on my previous list, don’t worry this is just a continuation. Here are some of them:


Hit and Run

American Assassin

The Foreigner


The Ballad of Lefty Brown

I lost My Body

The Gift

A Ghost Story

The Platform

The Two Pope’s

Mr. Right



The Other Side of The Wind.

Phantom Boy


Good Times

These will be in no particular order just whenever I can get around to them or if you have any suggestions or want me to hurry up on a certain film just message me.


Kicking off our next review with a film that hits you hard with all the essential elements of a action film. You got your badass, scary, and betrayed main character played by Scott Adkins. If you are into these kind of films you will recognize him from A large amount of other action movies. You will probably recognize the director, Jesse V. Johnson, responsible for many other films in the genre too. You got your story of betrayal by the hands of his own brother. You also have lots of blood and punches too. But the real thing that separates it apart is that it plays out like a Guy Ritchie film with all the wacky characters, sense of humor, and strong story. When a man is set up by his gangster brother and sent to his countries worst prison he must learn to adapt, survive, and prove himself until he can escape to take his revenge on his brother. This is one of the best action films I’ve seen in quite some time and Scott Adkins performance is his best one yet. With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes you’ll be sure to enjoy this action packed film. I think it’s a smart, different, and strong film but if your looking for a real thinker, this isn’t your thing just enjoy the ride. I’m giving it a 8/10.

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