Coffee & Kareem

As this break continues to stretch on, I think it’s important to try to stay in a good mood so, here goes comedy number 2. Coffee & Kareem is the one of the newest comedies recently released by Netflix and it stars a all around great cast in veteran comedic actor Ed Helms( The Hangover, cedar rapids), stand out star in any movie she stars in, Tareji P. Henson (Empire, Hidden Figures, and new comer to film Terrance Little Gardenhigh (Disney channel). Directed by acclaimed comedic director Michael Dowse ( Stuber, Goon). This film quickly stands out with a hilarious performance by all involved but, the real star of the movie is Terrance Little Gardenhigh’s character Kareem. A smartass, tough as nails kid who finds out his mom’s secret boyfriend is a cop. After he decides this could ruin his future rap career, he decides to have him set up by a local gangster. The plan goes awry when Kareem witnesses something he shouldn’t and it’s up to them to team up to save his mom. This movie is nonstop action and laughs from beginning to end. It gives you the adrenaline rush of a great action movie but with hilarious obstacles and situations along the way. With great dialogue, quick paced camera work, editing, perfect comedic chemistry between all it’s stars, and a quick 1 and 28 minute runtime. I would have to suggest this one to anyone who enjoys any kind of comedy or action. It’s a great pick me up kind of movie too that can help you forget about the worries and world around you. I give this one a 9 out of 10. In my opinion this movie makes the hangover look amateur. Check it out if you have the time or just want to have a quick laugh.

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