Murder Mystery

First off let me start by saying I’m generally not a fan of comedies too much, most come off corny or predictable much like this movies lead star Adam Sandler used to make. In the 90’s he created comedy gold with his SNL career, Happy Gilmore, billy Madison etc. Lately he has been known for creating terrible movies through his production company but neverless, I tried to give this move a fair shot and to be honest.. it was hilarious. Held up by his costars in excellent supporting performances from Luke Evans( Hobbit series, fast series,) and the always wonderful Jennifer Aniston. This modern comedy classic was also directed by Kyle Newachek(workaholics) and usually when you have such a great cast in a comedy it’s going to tank but this one really stands out. Following a couple who go on a vacation to Spain, who meet a rich Lord who invites them to join them on his yacht for a party. They accept and during the time on the ship, the head of the family is murdered. They quickly become suspects and most prove their innocence to find the real killer. Filled with beautiful scenery, the old hit comedic writing we miss out of Adam Sandler, and a fresh take on murder mysteries. This movie does not disappoint and is a must see for fans of comedy or any of these stars. With a 1 hour and 30 minute runtime, I could rewatch this movie over and over again. I’m happy to see the return of a comedy icon and give this film a 9/10. Up next we continue with the comedic relief with Coffee & Kareem.

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