The Witch

I’ve had this one recommended a few times and have some of Robert Eggers other works on my list so, I decided to go back to the beginning with watching the first film that made him A director to watch for. This film set in 1630’s in the New England area follows a family of 6 struggling to survive on the land. When the youngest disappears the other siblings start to blame the oldest sister and claim she is a witch. As the story continues they are tested and sent into chaos as they are picked off one by one. This is a film that’s kind of slow in parts but you can never take your eyes off it. The cinematography look and feel set the stage for a dark, unknown, and sometimes violent story that doesn’t ease up on the tension from start to finish. It leaves you gripped in suspense as this intense but disturbing plot plays out. If your squeamish I would not recommend this movie but if you can handle things like that it’s a excellently shot, written, acted, and edited film that if your a horror fan, is a must see. Yes it has the quintessential elements in every horror film like blood, Gore, even satanic goats but it’s more like if Scorsese directed a horror film. With lots of soundtrack and film tricks similar to classic films in the genre like Suspiria and others. It’s sure to be a new classic for horror fans in the way Dracula or Frankenstein is and With a runtime of a hour and half it’s a quick, impactful, and dark film you will be sure not to forget anytime soon. After watching this I can’t help but to be excited for his other works. I’m giving this film a 10/10. Would watch again and that’s not something I almost ever say. Up next taking it down a notch and cleaning the pallet with some comedies. First Murder Mystery and then Coffee & Kareem.

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