I Lost My Body

Sorry for the break between posts but, back with something new. This is my first foreign and first animated film I’m reviewing. This film is a movie that will keeps you distracted from the world. Directed by Jeremy Claplin and starring Hakim Faris and Victoire Du Bois it leaves you captivated from the first seconds to the closing moments. This film is one of those metaphorical, kinda trippy films you kind of just have to ride along with to enjoy. The story follows naoufel who just can’t seem to catch a break until he falls in love with a woman he meets at work. He decides to pursue her and quits his job to work for her uncle to swoon her but things don’t play out as planned and also there is a severed hand that escapes from a lab to find it’s body and the adventures it goes through. Dripping in symbology for many different topics like how sometimes the things we do to survive hurt other people, sometimes when you think you are doing something good for you it’s harming someone else, and how every small choice and step we make a lasting impact on our world even in the smallest ways. It’s beautifully animated and tells a enthralling story that leaves you engulfed every pixel. With a quick runtime of 81 minutes it’s a breeze to complete and leaves a lasting impression on you after. It is a very deep and sometimes sad movie so trigger warning there. But overall it tells a well executed story, with great animation, excellent voice acting, and a moving and memorable story. I give this one a 9/10. Would rewatch this many times over.

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