A Time For War

With all the serious events we have going on in our society in the first week of 2019, everyone handles things differently. I tried to pick a film that reflected this and the anxiety of our current lives. Sand Castle is A perfect representation of both of these feelings. This wartime drama stars Logan Marshall Green, Henry Cavill, and Nicholas Hoult and directed by Narcos director Fernando Culombra. Set during the Iran war, A company of american soldiers must repair A water pumping station that was destroyed during an attack and distribute water to the locals people. They cope with the fear of everyday life in A warzone, learning to deal with feelings of not belonging there, loss of friends, and problems back home. They deal with all of this while trying to convince the locals, who are terrified to help because of the local terrorist groups, to help them repair this water pump. With very realistic depictions of everything from battle scenes, procedures, tactical movements, and emotional trauma; This 2017 film hits the nail on the head with the relavancy of our current climate. I think this one is a real hidden gem for any fan of drama or war movies. I’d highly suggest it for anyone who enjoyed Jarhead or The Hurt Locker. With a runtime of 1 hour and 53 minutes this film is well worth your time. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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