Under The Sea

Sometimes, very rarely, you come across A movie that is special. Everything perfected with every actor playing their roles perfectly, excellent dialogue and story, or even better yet a cinematography that makes you feel the film and that is overall one of the many joys of watching A movie. This is one of those movies. The movie is Black Sea. The actors who portray their role perfectly are along with the rest of the cast Ben Mendelssohn, Jude Law, and Scoot Mcnairy. Check. The director is Kevin Mcdonald ( Last King of Scotland, One day in September). Check. Last, but not least, The setting is dark, wet, and claustrophobic. Check. The overall result is A extremely suspenseful film. The story starts out with A submarine captain being fires from his job and coming across A oppurtunity to take A crew to the Black Sea to salvage A sunken Nazi U-boat loaded with gold. From the start, his colorfully characteristiced crew struggle to get the ship working and find the gold. They start to turn on eachother and are only kept at peace by the fact that they have to work together to find A way to survive with their fortunes. Leaving you on the edge of your seat the entirety of the 2 hour runtime, from start to finish, I give this 2015 film A 10 out 10.

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Cinemaphile and reviewer.

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