Lets Get Dark

I think it’s always best to balance yourself out. Yin and Yang if you will. So I went searching for A film that was A little different and darker than last posts. Let me tell you that I definitely found it. Now if that’s a good thing is up for debate. Dark Crimes stars Jim Carrey, in his first major serious role since The Number 23, and Martin Csokas. This movie was released in 2018 and almost nobody saw it. The few critics who did see it tore the movie apart. Most of the time I try to never listen to critics and make my own mind up about A film. This is one of the few times I wish I had listened. This oddly self-descriptive titled movie directed by Alexandros Avranas focuses on A disgraced police detective who notices key specific details about A murder in A unpublished novel by A famous Author. It follows the policeman as he his life spirals and becomes absorbed by his desire to convict what may or may not be the right man. This movie quickly delves into themes such as BDSM clubs, orgies, and graphic rape scenes. In fact that’s the only thing quick about this movie as it drags on slowly with no real purpose or reason. It’s A deeply depressing movie with no real plot or meaning. I suggest taking the hour and a half run time to do something rewarding for yourself rather than wasting it on this very forgettable film. I give it A 4 out 10.

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