In The Tall Grass

Part 4 coming at you now with a rather different take. This time we are taking a closer look at Joe Hill and Stephen King’s (son and father team) “In The Tall Grass”. This film pairs up not only with veteran writers in the genre but also a veteran horror star in Patrick Wilson and legendary director Vincenzo Natalie (Cube, Splice, and Westworld). It lives up to it’s weight with A terrifying performance from Patrick Wilson, excellent camerawork and angles, and a interesting story. The only down side to this film, is A upside if your A King fan, and that is it’s A little hard to follow in some of the story’s twists and turns. There’s A lot of time travel and ancient aliens type stuff going on. The story though takes place in A corn field that lures you in with cries for help and once your in everything is a maze. It’s up to our group of assorted people from different eras of time to come together so they can find A way to escape back into the real world. It’s a very interesting story with some hints of Gore but mostly a psychological horror film. If you’re a fan of other classics like the cell, cube, or any of the type of movie, you will love this movie. It’s A quick but tension filled and engaging 1 hour and 41 minute run that will be sure to leave you questioning things. I give this one a 8 out of 10.

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