War on Everyone

With this Covid-19 scare and recent temporary layoffs because of it, I find myself with the time I need to devote to catching up on some movies in my queue. This is the first of a series of daily posts coming up. When I first picked this movie I expected a dark, gritty action movie but, what I got was a fun buddy corrupt cop action comedy. With a cast of two excellent leading men in Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena and directed by John Michael Mcdonaugh it’s a rather lower budget movie but the acting chemistry of the two buddy cops is the real star of this film. The story is about two corrupt partners in the police who have their money stolen during a deal gone wrong and come after everyone until they get it back. Sounds like a grungy kick-ass action movie but it’s filled with lots of NSFW humor and great acting. Although I really do think if it was any other actors the film wouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was. So I have to give this quick 1 hour and 38 minute film a 7/10 for lack of story and poor editing but still entertaining for a one time watch. Up next will be Mudbound.

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