The Introduction

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my site. I watch a pretty good amount of films throughout the year and sometimes I come across some that I feel are worth suggesting to others and this is how I decided to start this site. I will be reviewing films across all genres, everything from documantaries to science fiction, old and new, big budget to small indie. Like the name says I will try to make them easy to digest and from just a regular movie fans point of view. The reviews will cover everything including points like story, writing, cinematography, genre, runtime, country of origin, release date, actors starring in the film and directors. I hope this site will help other movie fans to decide what to watch or add to their queues for future watching. Im always open to suggestions on what people want to see reviewed and I am currently working on a way to open up the discussion and recieve suggestions for other films to review. In the meantime feel free to email me your suggestions or thoughts on reviews at I will do my best to post reviews 3 to 4 times A week. Please subscribe to recieve updates about new reviews. Thank you for your time and visit and keep in mind that movies are something that unite all people across the planet and everyone has different taste, thoughts, and opinions so never take any review too seriously. -AJMR

Published by filmblogger901

Cinemaphile and reviewer.

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